Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the break-up

Well, it was a short love affair. And unfortunatley, one party is devastated over the loss. The other party doesn't even know what's going on.

Punkin & Popcorn have broken up. After Punkin's appointment today, where I informed the doctor that Punkin's cough had returned after introducing him to the lovely treat, his allergist thought it would be best to go back to avoiding all "obvious" corns... which includes popcorn. Unfortunately, my gut was telling me the same thing. And you know a mom and her gut... you really shouldn't doubt it.

Afterwards, while driving home, I told Punkin that the allergist had said he couldn't have popcorn anymore. He was instantly sad. He asked why. I told him it was because his cough had returned. He countered that the cough was back because of his friend's cat (very smart of him, actually). He also said, "But I want to have popcorn every day when we go to the movies.". He's already made the correlation and knows that Movies and Popcorn go together. They just do.

He continued to be sad and pout. I told him it would be okay.

He instantly perked up.

Right after I handed him some cotton candy...


Monday, June 28, 2010


Punkin has been to many movies in the past couple of years (*love* the free movies during the summertime at Regal theaters). BUT there's always been a big missing element to his movie viewing... POPCORN! Sad, right?

We discovered Punkin was allergic to corn when he was around 2 (if memory serves me correctly - it's a long story that I'll have to document at some point). He has always been very good about knowing that he's allergic and letting others know it when they offered him popcorn in the past. I've always been impressed with his understanding and that he hasn't tried to sneak something he shouldn't have.

At our last allergist appointment, after yet more "pokes" for testing, the doctor told us we could try corn to see the reaction before his next allergy appointment.

And wouldn't you know it, a little movie called "Toy Story 3" just opened in theaters. What better way to try corn than to indulge in movie theater popcorn?!?!

Punkin was hesitant at first... "What if I'm still allergic?" (We'd been giving him small amounts of corn in things so I knew he wasn't going to stop breathing or anything.) After a little bit of reassurance, he touched the popcorn to his lips, then popped the first kernal into his mouth... and immediately said, with much excitement, "I'm not allergic anymore!!". He couldn't have been happier. And I've never seen anyone devour popcorn as quickly as Punkin did that morning.

See that bag? Neary gone before the movie was halfway over!

Oh, and that movie? He LOVED it!

And so did the Hubs and I. It is a wonderful movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. And don't forget your tissues!

Punkin has an allergist appointment tomorrow, so we'll be discussing the popcorn and the fact that he's had a bit of a cough again since devouring it. Of course, with it being the middle of allergy season, I don't think we'll really know what eating corn does to Punkin for awhile longer... stay tuned...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

welcome to the new 'hood

This blog will serve mainly as a record of "the life and times of punkin"...

I have a terrible memory and if I don't start documenting everything, I won't remember the details to pass on to punkin as he gets older or to embarrass him by retelling them to his future girlfriends...

So, this blog will be mostly for punkin. I'm not going to be posting at my other blog any more (since I was never good about updating it anyway). I may be pulling some of those posts to this blog so I have the important info all in one place.

All that to say that if you want to hear about punkin and life in the punkinhood, feel free to read or subscribe. If it's all a bit mundane for you, that's fine, this isn't about you.
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