Wednesday, November 10, 2010

leaves and apples and s'mores, oh my!

Our friends had a fabulous "fall festival" at their house at the end of October. We had such a great time!

Punkin discovered the joy of jumping in leaves.

Punkindaddy was a HUGE sport & let all the kids bury him in the leaves (repeatedly).

I don't know if you can see the kids' faces, but EVERY TIME they would scream with delight (and maybe a little fear) when Punkindaddy would jump out of the leaves.

I was shocked that Punkin even considerd putting his face in a tub of water, but he did it multiple times.

He was very intent on getting that apple with his teeth!

He didn't even want to take turns. Thankfully, the other kids were willing to "share".

But with a lot of determination (and a little bit of help from mama...shh...don't tell him!), he finally got his apple!

Punkin also got to enjoy one of my favorite fall treats: S'mores! A month or so ago, he refused to try one, but this night, he was all about it! Yummmm!

For more WW fun, go to 5 minutes for mom and Two of a Kind.


  1. I love these really fun photos, really heaps of fun! :)

  2. He is getting SO SO BIG! Man, I love and hate it when that happens...

  3. Something tells me Punkindaddy didn't mind playing in the leaves all that much. ;)

    Absolutely LOVE the shots of Punkin jumping in the leaves!


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