Friday, September 14, 2012

not that it's any of your business

Yes, I know it's been six years *gasp* since I was last pregnant. (Or so you think.)

Yes, I know that is a long time.

Yes, I know that it might be a little insane. But it might not.

No, we didn't use any infertility drugs.

Yes, we were happy with just one child.

No, this wasn't an accident.

Yes, I do think Sam will be a great helper.

But, no, I'm not naive enough to believe there also won't be adjustment issues.

Yes, I'm excited I'm having a girl. No, I don't think that makes my family perfect. I would have been excited to be having another boy too.

Yes, I really am x months pregnant. Yes, I'm well aware you and everyone else don't think I look that pregnant. Yes, I'm sure there really is a baby in there, and believe it or not, she's measuring right where she should be. I'm not sure what else you want me to say about that.

No, I'm not quite "ready". I will never be 100% ready.

No, I'm not anxious for this to all be over. No, I'm not currently planning to request an induction. I'm quite happy waiting until things happen on their own. The whole thing has gone by way too quickly for my liking.

Yes, I plan on getting an epidural. No, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Yes, I do know what my plans are for feeding my infant, but I'm not sure why it's any of your business.

And no, I won't feel guilty if things don't work out quite how I hope.

Yes, we have a name picked out. And I'll probably even tell you what it is if you ask nicely. But my husband most likely won't. And we could still change our minds.

And yes, you'll definitely be the first person I call when I go into labor. (This one might be a lie. But I promise the others aren't)


  1. So cute. I hate preggo questions. People are freaks. Do your thing girl and partner with God in the creation of a soul.

  2. I. Love. This. Post.

    Good Lord, I wish I'd had the cojones to say those things to a few people when I was pregnant! (But that just would've been an excuse for my sister to tease me even more..."Oooh, she's getting cranky! Must be time to have the baby!" *eyeroll*

    Enjoy every sweet moment, even the uncomfortable ones. If is you do happen to go overdue and get *really* cranky, watch this: After five days of start/stop labor, it was the ONLY thing that made me laugh. <3

  3. I love this. And you! And I can't wait to see her, but I love that you are savoring these last few days. In some ways I miss that and am pretty sad that I'll never do it again. Soak it up, friend.

  4. So well-said. Having two kids 4.5 years apart, I got so many of those questions. It's your baby and you know best. The end. P.S. This is me asking nicely to know the name. Is it still the same name you were thinking of a couple months ago??

  5. This was hilarious even though I've never been pregnant. And my brother and I are 5 years apart, so there's nothing wrong with waiting.

    (I will say, though, that while I did help my mom out quite a bit with my younger brother, he didn't get all that interesting to me until I was out of college. Before that, he was just my little brother. After that, he was... you know... a person and stuff :-)

  6. Congratulations! I had no idea you were pregnant when I asked about nausea solutions. I'm so happy for you. And now? When people ask you questions? Just hand them a business card with this post URL on it.


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