Wednesday, January 22, 2014

in her own time

You know how sometimes people want you to do something just because they think you should be doing something and they think they know when you should be doing it too? And how sometimes you think to yourself, I'll do that when I'm good and ready! I think babies are pretty much the same way. Only they can't tell you that (unless they're really, really advanced).

Sam was a terrible sleeper as a baby...heck, he's still not that great at it at 7. But eventually he (mostly) figured out the sleeping thing. Delaney has been a great sleeper from the very beginning. Like so great that a very mean nurse in the hospital would roll her bassinet over to me in the middle of the night & tell me I needed to wake her up and feed her, even though she wasn't crying and was sleeping peacefully. Thankfully, Delaney was my second child, and so I let her go on sleeping rather than wake her up unnecessarily. And even more thankfully, once we got home from the hospital, Delaney continued to be a rock star sleeper.

Well, I have no proof that Delaney's awesome sleep habits contributed to her taking a long time to reach some of her milestones, but I don't have any proof that they didn't either. So. 

Delaney didn't crawl until close to 11 months. She wouldn't bear any weight on her legs whatsoever until about that time either. All that sleeping took away time from learning to get around. It was kind of a wonderful thing to be able to put her down & not have to worry about her crawling away and putting her finger in an electrical outlet or anything. But I digress.

Anyway, of course, we were still concerned at the lack of movement and we wanted to know that there wasn't anything physically wrong with her either. We've had a couple of visits to an orthopedic doctor and she's been in weekly physical therapy since this summer to help build her strength.

Well, earlier this week, at almost 16 months old, I think she decided she was finally ready (or she got really tired of all the nagging) and suddenly this is happening: 

She's so proud of herself. We're pretty proud of her too.

Now, about those outlet covers...


  1. Eli was 17 months old before he walked ... and he never crawled in the traditional manner. I tried to see it as our second babies kind way of letting us enjoy them as babies for as long as possible!

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  3. Ah! How adorable is she??? I think all kids decide when they will reach their milestones whether their timing fits in with "standards" or not, and that is what makes each of them unique and wonderful!


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