Wednesday, December 21, 2011

vinyl family

You know those decals of stick figure families that adorn so many minivans? I think they're pretty cute. Well, at least I did until I started seeing them everywhere.

They just became too popular for me and lost part of their appeal. I'm fickle that way (this does not apply to the iPad - I don't think that will lose its appeal ever or at least not until something cooler comes out).

Anyway, my fried Bridget is pretty much the most creative person I know. Seriously, check out her blog, she has a ton of awesome ideas on there, as well as some really great writing. She started an etsy shop where she sells really cute car decals. And they're not the standard stick figure kind either.

She sent me one a couple of months ago and it surprised me how much it captured my little family. My husband even asked if it was actually us.

So, quick, go to her  etsy shop and get a decal that represents your family. I know she'd be happy to work with you on something that you will just love. Then, you can say you were one of the first to own one!

The internet has brought me a lot of cool things. I think Bridget is one of the coolest. Thanks Bridget for the decal, but more importantly, for your friendship! 


  1. I'm glad the internet brought us together, too! :-)

  2. I tink it looks just like you guys!


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