Thursday, July 8, 2010

boom, boom, boom

The first time we attempted to take Punkin to fireworks, we were at Disney World, and he had just turned two. Unfortunately, it wasn't a success. As soon as the first boom was heard, Punkin started crying, and the Hubs ended up running out of Magic Kingdom with Punkin.

Punkin's never been a fan of loud noises, so I guess we should have known better.

This year, Punkin was intrigued about seeing fireworks. He loved looking for them out of the car windows as we drove home one evening during the Fourth of July weekend. Of course, he couldn't really hear them inside the car.

A neighboring city held their Fourth of July fireworks on the fifth this year, and since Punkin kept talking about fireworks, we thought we'd try taking him to see if he would enjoy them up close and personal.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Boo. But I did have my phone, so I figured I might as well try to capture a couple of pictures of Punkin's first real fireworks experience, even if they wouldn't be great quality.

Getting ready

1st Fireworks

As soon as the first boom was heard, this is what happened:

I love that picture, because you can see, despite the loud noise, Punkin is so intrigued by the fireworks and doesn't want to stop watching!

Half-way through, Punkin started getting more affected by the noise. And I imagine his arms were getting pretty tired. I ended up covering his ears with my hands and making sure he could hear me ooh and ahh. That seemed to reassure him enough to enjoy the entire show.

I'd say this time, it was a success!


  1. That is a great photo set, the anticipation and the reaction. *g*

  2. neeroc: Thank you! Even though they're "cell phone pics" I'm glad I got them!

  3. dang. your phone takes great pics of fireworks. I'm quite impressed. And Punkin's face? priceless. Can't wait til E can care about fireworks. He just wanted to sleep this year.

  4. #2 gets very agitated by loud noises too. He asked me to stand "right next to him touching" while fireworks were on. He wound up running off with the big kids though so he did much better than I thought he would!


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