Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sleeping like a baby

Okay, so Punkin's not really a baby anymore, but he'll always be *my* baby.

Punkin's never been a great sleeper, but he's definitely getting better (especially since we took away his nap). Lately, I've been finding him in all kinds of positions when I check on him before I go to sleep. And since I just happen to have my phone with me, I thought I'd snap a few shots of him.

I was pretty surprised when I walked in and found him this way:
Not sure how sleeping with your head on hard plastic is more comfortable than on a pillow. I did have to move him a little bit so that his head wasn't lower than the rest of his body, but otherwise, I left him pretty much like that.

This one reminded me of the Hubs with one foot off the bed.

And another one.

It seems that no matter where Punkin ends up on the bed, he prefers to sleep on his right side. That's my favorite side too.

And remember when I mentioned we'd taken away Punkin's nap? Well, he still has "rest time". The only rule to rest time is that we have to be on different floors of the house. So he gets to pick his bedroom upstairs or the basement. One day last week, I thought it was awfully quiet for rest time, so I went down stairs to investigate and found this:

That so does not look comfortable.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Punkin woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. I ended up laying down in his bed with him (yes, that tiny race car bed) and sleeping with him that night. That bed is SO uncomfortable!! No wonder Punkin can't lay still or that he doesn't typically sleep through the night! Time to go mattress shopping and move him to a bigger, softer bed!!


  1. isn't it funny how they can sleep in any dang position? So fricking cute. I always wonder at what age we go from being adorable when we sleep with our mouth hanging open to icky. Because pics of me sleeping like that? Well let's just say they do not fall under adorable.

  2. here is another comment because I love this post (I really do!) :)

  3. My twins do the same thing. They just shared a bed on vacation, and managed to completely switch sides of the bed, while sleeping, over the course of like a half-hour. How do they get any rest?

  4. Cannot begin to tell you how many strange positions and places I've found my kids sleeping in (like, say, a cardboard box filled with stuffed animals?) All I can tell you, I'm sorry to say, is that from my experience with older children it doesn't stop. At least not by age 15. I'll let you know if 16 looks any better in a few months. ;)


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