Wednesday, July 21, 2010

return to the dentist

Punkin had his second dentist appointment yesterday. He wasn't as thrilled with the idea of going to the dentist this time as he was the first time. He loved playing with all the toys in the waiting room, but as soon as they called us back, he ran away from me and I had to chase after him and carry him to the chair. I'm sure they're used to that, right?

Anyway, at his first appointment, Punkin got to pick out a stuffed animal for having successfully given up his paci. He chose a frog, which he named Sashi, and he brought her back to the dentist so that everyone there could see how he was taking such good care of her.
Showing off Sashi 

"Okay this isn't so bad" 

"Wait, this isn't much fun."

"Seriously, are we done yet?"

"Lady, this is nothing like a race car wheel toothbrush!"


I never realized Punkin twirled his hair for comfort!

"Finally, we're done!"

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  1. Wow! at the dentist! He looks like such a big boy!! I love that he twirls his hair for comfort. Sigh...soon it will be Eddie in a dentist chair.

    ps. how come that dentist chair is saran-wrapped?

  2. start them young and they will not mind going. Of course a great Dentist is also a plus
    My WW Link for you

  3. Awwww... he's such a cutie. And what a trooper for doing so well through the whole visit!

  4. girl, Birdie had 4 cavities and an additional 4 fillings a few weeks ago. It was hellish to say the least. Glad your experience wasn't as bad as ours.

  5. Aw! Brings back memories. He did great!


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