Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Have you heard of this little thing called NaBloPoMo? It stands for National Blog Posting Month - it's a challenge for people to write on their blog every day of November. It's also something only crazy people attempt.

You can blame my friend, Shireen, for turning me into a crazy person. She mentioned she was doing it, and I reluctantly wholeheartedly agreed to join her. I assume there will come a day (not too far off) where I will completely forget and will fail spectacularly at this challenge.

I didn't assume that day would come on the second of the month.

It figures that this just happened to be the busiest day of work for me in years. I just finished working and had all of 10 minutes before midnight to get something written. So, this is what you get. But hey, at least, I wasn't a total fail on Day 2.

But seriously, I've never been good at this blogging thing, so I'm taking this challenge to throw stuff out here and see what sticks. I'm sure there will be no cohesiveness through this month, but I hope to figure out a little bit more about what I want this space of mine to be.

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  1. See! See! That's exactly what I'm using it for too. Only good (and crazy) things can come from it. I think we should reward ourselves when we finish. Hmmm...


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