Saturday, November 19, 2011

repin this

I mentioned pinterest in a previous post. It's quickly become a great resource that I use for organizing recipes, gift ideas, projects I'd like to attempt, and so on and so on... (along with a huge time suck when I don't feel like doing much of anything else).

Some day, I'll write a post with the different things I've attempted and how they turned out.

But for now, I thought I'd share with all of you the pin of mine that others have repinned the most times. I always like to see what other people are repinning and I see this one get repinned so many times, that I thought it might be something you'd like as well.

It's such a simple idea. Maybe that's why people like it so much.

Reindeer Beer / Reindeer Root Beer
photo credit: Life of a Modern Mom
Here's the link to the pin for your repinning pleasure.
And again, another link to Life of a Modern Mom where the pin comes from.

Such a cute idea, don't you think?

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